Download Critical Ops Mod 1.32.0.f1830 Apk Multiplayer FPS

Download Critical Ops Mod 1.32.0.f1830 Apk Multiplayer FPS

Critical Ops is a mobile-only 3D multiplayer FPS. Fast reflexes and tactical abilities are required for success in this action-packed game. Do you think you’re up to the task Critical Ops Mod Apk ?

Critical Ops is a competitive first-person shooter with stunning settings and demanding game styles. Battle it out with your brotherhood or take control of your own scorecard. You must respond when duty beckons. Will you battle as a coalition member or as a Breach member?

Your abilities and approach will decide the final result. We ensure a FAIR-TO-PLAY scenario by excluding in-app payments that provide competitive advantages. Compete in furious PvP action to master a wide range of weaponry and sharpen your shooting abilities. In competitive ranking games, you compete against other operators of comparable skill levels. You will learn new mechanics and acquire knowledge as you play,

which will help you grow as a player.

“Social is the New Black” Create your ideal squad and ask your friends to join. To earn rewards, host private matches and tournaments. You’re capable on your own, but you’re much more so when you work together.

The Critical Ops League brings esports to mobile devices for the first time. Join our thriving esports scene to establish a name for yourself and your team. Make it to the top!


There are two teams in this game, and each team has two goals. One side is attempting to set the bomb and guard it until it explodes, while the other is attempting to defuse it. Take control of the field!

Death Matches for Two Teams

Make every bullet count.

A shooting game

Individual players work their way through all of the weaponry in the game while two teams compete against each other. Prepare yourselves for the battle!

Through our match, you may play the game your way:

Games that are compact

Play all game styles with operators of comparable skill levels in short, matchmade games.


In a competitive matchmade variant of Defuse, operatives battle for points and secure their rank via win. Ascend the ladder to the very top!

Peronalized Games

Join or host a room of any of the various game kinds, and activate a password to host private rooms in the original Critical Ops fashion.

Updates enhance game performance, enable new game modes, features, and skins, and allow you to customize your experience. Critical Ops is, and always will be, a completely free game. Cosmetic purchases are made solely for the purpose of improving one’s appearance.

 right now by downloading the game.

A New Event is Coming Soon: A Critical Pass and a New Event!

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Google Play has further information.

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New Features

For Ranked Defuse, cross-team chat is disabled.

Using the Player Profile, you may silence other players.

During current ranked matches, player profile data is concealed.

To avoid reports of abuse, the reporting mechanism has been improved.

For the AR-15, there are new skins and animations.

Winterfest is a brand-new event that will take place shortly.

Now, Download this new version game Critical Ops Mod Apk 1.32.0.f1830 Mod Menu Unlimited Money 2021 for free from below given links and enjoy.

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